Welcome to our latest news quiz, a chance to test your knowledge of Greater Cleveland happenings.

This week, Signal Cleveland reporting covered issues ranging from accessible housing to enrollment trends for Cleveland colleges. Are you up to date? Take this quiz to find out.

The number of Clevelanders who have mobility impairments could roughly fill all the seats at Progressive Field.
How much did Cleveland City Council recently approve to spend on Cleveland’s waterfront?
Cleveland State University’s undergraduate population fell by how much in Spring 2023 compared to Spring 2022?
Clevelander Garrett Morgan invented what in 1923?

Audience Manager (she/her)
Camille, a Floridian turned proud Clevelander, comes from the automotive aftermarket industry, where she created content including articles, newsletters and podcasts as well as managed social media brands for various sects of the industry. She is excited to combine her professional expertise with her passion for civic engagement.