Cleveland’s City Council members approved nearly $4 million in casino spending for projects in their wards from 2020 through 2022. Signal Cleveland combed through all that legislation to answer questions from residents: What was the money spent on? We looked at the nonprofits and businesses that sought money, the types of projects council members supported and how much money council approved. We created a “notebook” below for residents to see how we accessed and used City Council’s publicly posted information on legislation and other public records for our reporting.

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Want to explore the information on your own?

Scroll through the table below to see what information we collected. Use the search bar to search the type of project or the entities that City Council approved to get casino money.

Download the data by clicking this link, navigating to the table at the end of this notebook, and clicking on the three dots in the upper left corner of the table. In the data you can find the names of approved projects, recipients, supporting council wards, and approved funding amounts, as well as how we cleaned and standardized the records and grouped projects into categories.

Director, Research + Impact (she/her)
April has a passion for weaving together data and community voices. Her career highlights include research into the rental-housing market in Cleveland to inform policy change and program development and co-founding Data Days Cleveland to help amplify the value of data.