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FAQ: Form-based code, a zoning reform plan coming to Cleveland

The Cleveland Planning Commission (CPC) is preparing to introduce form-based codes, an alternative to the zoning codes the city has relied on for generations. This shift will transform the decision-making processes that determine what gets built and where. Here’s a look at what it means.

Bail reform in Cuyahoga County (Timeline)

The paths to bail reform elsewhere have included statewide legislation, civil rights lawsuits and systems change on the local level. In Cleveland, the most recent push for reform started around 2016. Since then, justice system officials have implemented some changes that have reduced the overall use of cash bail but have not eliminated it. 

Get ready to vote and make sure it counts

The deadline to register to vote in the Nov. 7 contest is a month away, Oct. 10. Now is the time to make sure you have your ID ready. New Ohio voter ID laws are in effect. The legislation requires photo ID to vote in-person

Cleveland school choice through the decades (Timeline)

In the past, Cleveland students were automatically enrolled in their neighborhood school. During the era of desegregation busing, many white families left the public school district for private schools or fled the city for the suburbs.


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