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About Cleveland Documenters

Cleveland Documenters trains and pays residents to document local government meetings with notes and live-tweet threads. We then make those meeting summaries available as a new public record.

Launched in 2020, Cleveland Documenters is a community of about 600 Cleveland residents representing every ZIP code in the city and many surrounding communities.

Cleveland Documenters’ Meeting briefs

Each week we create short and easy-to-read briefs on local government meetings based on Documenters’ coverage so you can stay informed. By residents. For residents.

What I really like about Documenters is the opportunity to learn more about our city. A lot of what I covered last year specifically pertained to the neighborhood that I live in. So, it’s a good way for the average person to learn about what’s going on in Cleveland. 

Cleveland Documenter Kathryn Johnson

The Follow Up

Documenters tell us what questions they were left with after covering a meeting. In our series The Follow Up, we get answers. See what issues are coming up in local public meetings and get answers to the questions residents are asking here.


At Signal Cleveland, we know that understanding local government takes more than just following the news. That’s why we’re building a library of explainers, guides, and other civic resources to help you understand local government better and hold it accountable.

To me, the core of Documenters is an educational program connecting a resident to local government. It just increased my general understanding of governance and what people are doing in the community.

Cleveland Documenter Keith Yurgionas
Public comment at Cleveland City Council

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Signal Cleveland’s summary of the week’s Documenters’ assignments is excellent! This format is concise, easy to read, and gives greater insight into each story.

Kathryn Johnson

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A partnership between Signal Cleveland and City Bureau, Cleveland Documenters trains and pays residents to document local government meetings with notes and live tweets. Documenters work also informs and powers Signal Cleveland’s newsroom.