Covered by Documenter Christina Easter

What happened: Council approved legislation last week about the management of Highland Park Golf Course. This committee discussed the new law, which allows the city to pay the Highland Park Golf Foundation to manage the course for up to 30 years. Annual management fees would be about $250,000, officials said. The city will also provide funds for capital improvements for five years. Officials confirmed that the city can end the contract if the course isn’t producing the desired revenue. Cleveland owns the course, located in suburban Highland Hills. Historically, it has been a preferred destination of many Black golfers.

The 161st city park: A new park is coming near the Clark Recreation Center. The city will accept a roughly $461,000 grant from the National Park Service to develop Clark Avenue Park. It will be the city’s 161st park. The proposal requires the city to match funding equal to the grant amount. Full council passed the legislation at its March 6 meeting.

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