Council Member Anthony Hairston asks questions during a Jan. 17 meeting.
Council Member Anthony Hairston asks questions during a Jan. 17 meeting. Credit: Cleveland City Council YouTube

Covered by Documenters Kellie Morris and Keith Yurgionas

A Superior bikeway:  Committee members vetted legislation needed to pay for the Superior Midway bikeway. Committee Chair Anthony Hairston said he wants to make sure that the city has “robust conversations” with residents and business owners along the path of the project so they know what to expect when construction begins in 2025. 

More midways: Committee members also greenlighted the next phase of the Lorain Midway project. This plan would allow design work for a bike path on Lorain Avenue from West 65th to West 20th. It’s a 1.8-mile section of a larger path expected to extend to W. 150th Street. The design the city prefers would include bike lanes that run down one side of the street, according to Annie Pease, the project’s manager. The approximately $30 million project is not yet fully funded. Council Member Kerry McCormack, who supports both bikeways, said he hopes that someday “kids can ride from Zone Recreation Center to 55th.”

Left wondering:  Documenter Kellie Morris was left wondering if motor-powered or enhanced bicycles would be permitted in the bike lanes?

Read the live-tweet thread from Documenter Keith Yurgionas:

Learn more about the progress of both bike lane projects in this story from Signal Cleveland’s Nick Castele.

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