Oct. 24 – Cleveland City Council
Covered by Documenters Kellie Morris and Chau Tang

City Council President Blaine Griffin and Deputy Clerk of Council Allan Dreyer attempt to call the roll on legislation. Credit: Cleveland City Council YouTube

What happened: Council voted down legislation that would have allowed the city to contract with NashWest LLC. The contract would have secured a project manager to oversee the continued implementation of the Municipal Court’s case-management system. The estimated cost was $234,000 for one year. The Finance, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee advanced the legislation earlier that day.

Cleveland Municipal Court

Council rarely votes down legislation at its regular Monday night meeting. From January 2020 through May 2021, council passed 96 percent of ordinances and emergency ordinances without a single nay vote against them. Learn more about council’s voting patterns from The Pace of Passage, reporting from Cleveland Documenters

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