Illustration of the Red Room at Cleveland City Hall, which has red carpet and pink walls. People are seated around a large table.
An illustration of Cleveland's Board of Control meeting in the Red Room at Cleveland City Hall. Credit: John G / Shiner Comics

Covered by Documenters Michaylah Burch (notes) and Marvetta Rutherford (live-tweets)

Drawings in exchange for houses

Cleveland’s Department of Community Development is trying to make it easier to build affordable homes on vacant lots. The Board of Control approved contracts with four organizations to provide architectural drawings for the city. Director Alyssa Hernandez said the department will use the drawings as pre-approved plans for developing on vacant land.

Hernandez said that Rebuild Cleveland, one of the partners named in the contract, will offer architectural drawings for free in exchange for being allowed to develop 10 new homes. The total cost of the other three contracts is $116,500.

Southeast Side loans

The board approved a partnership with Cleveland Neighborhood Progress to implement the city’s Southeast Side commercial border strategy. A representative of the Economic Development Department said the contract will allow the city to provide loans and grants to minority small business owners based on the Southeast Side.

The representative said that this program will invest money into the communities around Lee and Kinsman roads and Harvard and Miles avenues. Financial details of the agreement weren’t specified.

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