A screenshot Ward 10 Council Member Anthony Hairston discussing leasing part of Gordon Park to the Metroparks at the May 1 Cleveland City Council Municipal Services and Properties Committee.
Ward 10 Council Member Anthony Hairston discusses leasing part of Gordon Park to the Metroparks. Credit: Cleveland City Council YouTube

Covered by Documenters Dan McLaughlin and Nani Faye Palmer

A Metroparks mystery: Cleveland is looking to lease a portion of Gordon Park to the Cleveland Metroparks. The proposal, which the committee passed, would also allow the park agency to make improvements costing about $8 million. Metroparks reps Sean McDermott and Kyle Baker did not share details about the improvements. Despite pressing from Cleveland City Council Member Brian Kazy, they did not name the foundation set to provide the $8 million grant. “Honestly the funds are dependent on the fact that the process moves through,” McDermott said. “Perhaps at the next committee meeting we can have that comfort level to bring forward that name.” The property should remain a community park with ballfields and places to picnic, Council Member Anthony Hairston said.

Needing a lift: five-week summer sports camp is coming to Case Western Reserve University, with $150,000 in support from the city. Starr asked about transportation options for kids. Dennis Harris, project director, said the budget used to include bus transportation, but that service has mostly been cut. Full council approved the city’s contribution at its evening meeting.

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