Cleveland City Council met for roughly 12 hours on Wednesday to dispose of summer business. But members couldn’t agree on one measure: The Bibb administration’s proposal to raise rates at city-owned parking lots and extend on-street parking hours. 

The legislation would give Cleveland the flexibility to hike prices at the Muni Lot, Willard Garage, West Side Market lot and other city-owned property. (For instance, the maximum price for special-event parking at the Muni Lot would go from $30 to $70.)

Some council members said they didn’t want to make downtown more expensive for residents and city employees. And then there was the matter of charging motorists to park at meters until 10 p.m. and potentially on weekends. Currently, parking is free after 6 p.m.

Kerry McCormack of Ward 3, which includes downtown, said the new hours would help businesses by forcing spots to turn over for nighttime and weekend customers. 

After more than two hours of discussion, Ward 1 Council Member Joe Jones, who represents neighborhoods on the city’s far East Side, said it was time to turn the car around. 

“I love Kerry McCormack, and I love you too,” Jones told Council President Blaine Griffin. “But we need to take this and settle this and set it off to the side and take it through the committee process.” 

Griffin agreed. Council will leave this debate in the lot until next month.

Government Reporter (he/him)
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