Nov. 9 – Cleveland Board of Control
Covered by Documenters Daniel McLaughlin and Nina Awal

The Cleveland Board of Control meeting in the Mayor's Red Room
The Cleveland Board of Control meeting in the Mayor’s Red Room at Cleveland City Hall on November 9, 2022. Credit: Cleveland Board of Control YouTube

What happened: The board approved a contract with EsportScholar. The company provides after-school programs for esports, which is competitive video gaming. The contract would provide for one year of esports programs at four city rec centers, said Sherry Ulery from the Mayor’s Office of Prevention, Intervention, and Opportunity for Youth and Young Adults. It would cost no more than $146,121.

City website work continues: Recess Creative, a local company, will continue updating the city’s website. The board approved a resolution to add services to a contract that it previously allowed in February 2021. The total cost of the contract is now not to exceed $543,373.

And also: The board selected a vendor for citywide window-washing services. Central Window Cleaning, Inc., headquartered in Cleveland, got the job. The contract is for one year, with two one-year renewal options. It costs $247,446.

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