West Side Market historical marker
The historical market outside an under-construction West Side Market. Credit: Erin Woisnet / Signal Cleveland

Covered by Documenters Hannah Morgan (notes) and Marvetta Rutherford (live-tweet thread)

Hot dog licensing

John Sisamis appealed a city decision to deny him a license to operate John’s Hot Dogs. He said this is the second year in a row the Cleveland Commissioner of Assessments and Licenses denied his license and that he received no explanation. An official said that Council Member Kerry McCormack denied the application because he does not support the stand’s location across from the West Side Market.

The Cleveland Board of Zoning Appeals previously sent a field investigator to look at the stand’s location. The investigator determined the stand is far enough away from the West Side Market to meet distance requirements. The board voted to approve Sisamis’ appeal.

Airbnb denial

Board members voted to deny a variance for a Tremont property on Auburn Avenue. The property includes two multi-unit buildings, and Evelyn Mills, the owner, applied for a variance to convert one unit into a short-term rental. Her grandson said they are seeking the variance because the long-term rentals do not bring in enough money to maintain the buildings. The variance would be required in part because Mills does not live on-site. 

Neighbors spoke in opposition to the short-term rental. They said it would create more traffic along an already congested one-way street and cited safety problems from parties at other Airbnbs in the area.

Neighbor Kate O’Neil clarified with board members that the variance, if approved, would apply to the whole property, meaning that any of the units could become short-term rentals. Donna Grigonis, the director of Real Estate & Economic Development at Tremont West Development Corp., said Tremont West opposes Airbnbs that are not occupied by the owner.

Left wondering

Documenter Hannah Morgan asked what actions could override a decision from the Board of Zoning Appeals?

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