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Signal Crossroads projects––like our series on casino revenue tax funds––combine the curiosity and community expertise of our Cleveland Documenters with the deep accountability work of our Signal reporters for a unique collaboration. Together, they dive into topics that demand deeper coverage to create a path for wider understanding and accountability. This unique approach to reporting yields a larger variety of voices on complicated topics than one reporter could ever hope to find.

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Cleveland school choice through the decades (Timeline)

In the past, Cleveland students were automatically enrolled in their neighborhood school. During the era of desegregation busing, many white families left the public school district for private schools or fled the city for the suburbs.

Choosing a Cleveland school (Explainer)

For a decade, Cleveland has been an open enrollment school district. Parents, caregivers and students can choose which school they want to attend within the district. CMSD uses an online portal where families select their top choices for elementary or high schools.