Oct. 10 – Cleveland City Council
Covered by Documenter Brandy Smith

Ward 4 resident Samara Knight addresses City Council (screenshot from video on YouTube).
Ward 4 resident Samara Knight addresses City Council. Credit: Cleveland City Council YouTube

What happened: Community members spoke to council about prayer in council meetings, ShotSpotter, the city’s ban on conversion therapy for minors, and the restructuring of St. Vincent Charity Medical Center. “Demand that the hospital stay open,” Ward 4 resident Samara Knight said of St. Vincent. “Instead of having meetings with the hospital, have meetings with the workers that work there and share their story and hear what they have to say.”  

City to expand ShotSpotter: Council passed 10 emergency ordinances. One approved the expansion of ShotSpotter. ShotSpotter is a gunshot-detection technology that the city has piloted in parts of wards 1, 2, 4 and 6 since November 2020. 

And also: Council also approved a resolution urging the city to establish a Senior Hall of Fame.

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