Covered by Documenters Karima McCree-Wilson and Marvetta Rutherford

What happened: The board approved a contract worth $250,000 with Paladin Protective Systems, Inc. to maintain citywide surveillance cameras. Larry Jones II, the deputy commissioner who focuses on information technology projects, said maintenance of the cameras has improved. Of the 2,300 across the city, 85 are down, many due to construction projects, he said.

Price changes for police escort: Board members discussed a change in the amount the city charges for police to do escorts through the city. It’s a service used for funeral processions and trucks pulling oversized loads. Mayor Justin Bibb asked how much money the city makes on police escorts. Director of Public Safety Karrie Howard wasn’t sure. The new fee schedule, which the board approved, starts at $52.69 per hour for a patrol officer to provide an escort. Prices vary based on the rank of the personnel needed, and they increase for overtime. The new hourly rates are up slightly from previous rates for all personnel except traffic controllers and dispatchers. Overtime rates increased across the board.

Left wondering: Documenter Karima McCree-Wilson asked, “Has the city become more transparent with information regarding surveillance cameras or developed policies regarding their use since coverage by Documenters and The Marshall Project last year?”

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