Covered by Documenters Charlestine Pride and Preeya Shankar

What happened: Public commenters discussed several quality-of-life issues, including bad conditions and squatters in a Slavic Village home, the negative health effects of vacant homes and lots, and violence prevention strategies. One commenter, Sonya Sanders, discussed the state of the Stella Walsh Recreation Center, also in Slavic Village. “The ceiling is caving; they not looking up to this,” Sanders said, gesturing to the ceilings in council chambers. “They looking up to paint falling on them while they basketball playing.” 

Peacemakers get new contract: The Peacemakers Alliance, a group that sends outreach workers known as “violence interrupters” to assist families and communities after shootings, has received a new, hurried contract after an administrative error left the group continuing its work without guaranteed pay. Council approved $300,000 to keep the program going. Read more on the contract from Signal Cleveland’s Nick Castele. 

Support for flavored tobacco ban: Some public commenters also spoke in favor of a citywide ban on flavored-tobacco products. City Council introduced legislation that would do exactly that. It would also require tobacco sellers to obtain a special retail license. The commenters said they believe companies use flavored tobacco to market to youth. Signal Cleveland’s Candice Wilder has more

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Watch the full public comments or read transcripts edited by Gennifer Harding-Gosnell on Public Comment CLE (website created by Ohio City resident Angelo Trivisonno).

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