Cleveland Documenters gather at Signal Cleveland for a monthly community of practice.
Cleveland Documenters gather at Signal Cleveland for a monthly community of practice. Credit: Jeff Haynes / Signal Cleveland

Every month Cleveland Documenters hosts a community of practice at Signal Cleveland. 

What is a community of practice? 

A community of practice is a group of people with a common interest who get together to share information, learn from one another and build collective power. Cleveland Documenters community of practice is a group of people who are:

  • Curious about local government;
  • Interested in increasing civic engagement in our city;
  • And, of course, are also Cleveland Documenters

Cleveland Documenters community of practice meets from 6 to 8 p.m. the fourth Thursday of every month

During the gathering, we use a handful of activities learned from Neighbor Up. These activities — like a check-in, a marketplace and small group conversations — create an aspirational, interactive, high-energy space. 

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One of our values at Signal Cleveland is to hold accessible, informal gatherings like this where everyone has a voice and power is shared. In these spaces, people can step into civic life in a way that feels safe, fun and productive. Folks can ask questions, share good information and support each other.

Along the way, we nurture the skills and power to learn more about our city, to become more engaged in what’s happening around us, and to gather and share actionable information with our neighbors–the kind of information that makes life easier. We believe this is all part of creating, together, a more equitable and thriving Cleveland.

You’re invited to join Cleveland Documenters and become part of our community of practice. Look for more gatherings like this coming soon.

Editor-in-Chief (she/her)
Lila is the founding editor-in-chief of Signal Cleveland, the Ohio Local News Initiative's Cleveland newsroom. Lila, who has experience in community building and journalism, led the launch of Cleveland Documenters in 2020. Formerly associate director at Neighborhood Connections, a Cleveland-based organization that has done groundbreaking work building community networks, Lila has been a newspaper reporter, a student-journalism advisor and a freelance news producer. Born and raised on the southeast side of Cleveland, Lila is a first-generation college graduate with degrees from Columbia University.