Najee Hall, Community Reporter for Signal Cleveland, goes on the record to explain his work and Signal’s focus on providing trusted community news. Leading the community listening team, Hall travels around Cleveland to meet with residents, listening to their stories and learning how the average person wants to read and consume news.

Watch Najee Hall explain his approach to community journalism

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I’m here to peel back those layers and show people who Clevelanders really are.

Najee Hall

A message from Najee

I’m Najee Hall, community reporter with Signal Cleveland. The biggest difference between us and major newsrooms is that we’re really reporting on the ground and covering stories that affect our everyday citizens, our everyday neighborhoods, and the people that make Cleveland what it is. 

I am here to make a difference. I’m looking to help build communities, bring people together, and tell stories about people who normally wouldn’t have a chance to tell their stories.

This work matters because these are communities that have been underserved in every way possible. We are working to build trust with those who have been victims of subpar journalism — the people who are overlooked or not included in news coverage. 

To build trust, we open up our newsroom and allow residents in our space. How often does the normal resident of a city get to see where these stories are being created? Who’s actually creating the stories, how the process works, what a newsroom looks like? When you break down that physical barrier and just make a community-type building where anybody is welcome, that encourages people to come share their stories and not feel as intimidated by the news. 

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