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New fees using car-sharing services

Starting Jan. 1, Cleveland will collect a 10% fee on the money made by companies offering peer-to-peer vehicle sharing services at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The service, approved by City Council earlier this year, allows people to sign up to offer their vehicle for rent or to book one for use. The board approved the fee, and one official estimated the airport could collect as much as a few hundred thousand in the first two years. 

Detroit Avenue parking lot swap

The Board of Control approved the transfer of a city-owned parking lot to Cleveland Public Theatre (CPT) for a minimum of $460,000. In exchange, the city will get a different parking lot owned by CPT to use for future development, Director of Community Development Alyssa Hernandez said. Both parking lots are on Detroit Avenue on opposite sides of the street, which caused parking confusion. City Council approved the deal in September. The larger lot owned by CPT is worth $580,000, according to a recent appraisal. The city will pay the $120,000 difference. 

Design firm to plan for a more ‘multimodal’ Cleveland

The city tapped Toole Design Group, a planning firm that specializes in multimodal transportation, for a $199,998 contract to create a plan for the city to improve bike, public transit and other options. Multimodal design aims to reduce the use of private cars on public streets in favor of other forms of transportation and public uses. 

Learn more about Cleveland’s plan to remake its zoning laws with an explainer from Signal Cleveland’s Frank W. Lewis.

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