A photo of Cuyahoga County's Jane Edna Hunter Social Services Center at 3955 Euclid Ave.
Cuyahoga County's Jane Edna Hunter Social Services Center at 3955 Euclid Ave. Credit: Jeff Haynes / Signal Cleveland

Covered by Documenter Marian Bryant

What happened: Jacqueline Fletcher, director of the Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS), updated board members about kids in the county’s care. There are about 2,300 children currently in county care, down from 2,400 in April 2022.  

Placement remains a struggle: Children continue to stay at the Jane Edna Hunter Building, which houses the division’s offices, while waiting for a placement. Cleveland.com reported that DCFS places 90% of children in a residence within 24 hours, and the goal is for kids to spend no more than 48 hours in the office building. Still, Fletcher acknowledged challenges, saying the 70 providers for short-term emergency childcare are at capacity.

New staff members: DCFS is set to train 32 new staff members in child protection positions beginning this week, Fletcher said. She added that it was the highest number of new employees in a long time. The board discussed staffing levels at its December meeting, with Board Member David Crampton highlighting 133 vacant caseworker positions at that time. Documenter Dan McLaughlin had more on that meeting.

Did you know the county offers weekly data reports about kids in its care? Visit the county website to find those reports.

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