Walter Patton on the left and his mother, Tracy Patton on the right in front of NAACP banner.
Walter Patton and his mother, Tracy bring experienced based therapy to their Central neighborhood. Credit: Provided by Walter Patton

Months ago, Listening Team member Lila Parker attended Ghetto Therapy and wrote about her experience as a participant. The positive reaction she shared motivated me to check it out for myself. After attending, I wanted to dig deeper to find out what inspired Walter Patton, the founder of Ghetto Therapy, to create the program.

As I was leaving a community meal at the Friendly Inn, I passed by a woman who handed me a brochure about services she was offering in Central. Upon taking the time to research, I noticed the name of the woman who handed me the brochure: Tracy Patton. When I reached out to her directly, she confirmed that she was Walter’s mother. When I realized that there were not only two people from the same community that were doing transformative work but also that they were related, I was eager to amplify their voices

I look forward to introducing you to both Walter and Tracy Patton in my upcoming piece. It’s a story that represents hope, community and love. My hope is that once you read it, you will be inspired to take action in your community and to actively pursue your best self.

Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon!

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