Walter Patton, center, surrounded by participants at a Ghetto Therapy™️ session last month. Credit: Kenneth Cody / Instagram @youngest_cody

Activist Walter Patton’s weekly Ghetto Therapy™️ sessions pack the house at Environmental Health Watch every Wednesday evening. The event brings together licensed therapists and local residents to talk about the impact of trauma passed down through generations. 

Patton, of Ward 5, provides all forms of therapy from reiki to sound bowl, traditional healing, art therapy, massage therapy, yoga, meditation and foot detoxing. 

Last month, divine feminine energy warmed the room for a special ladies night edition focused on how women are dealing with trauma. Patton gave roses to the first 50 ladies who were present at the event co-hosted with behavioral health coach and founder of @acaciaparkwellness Precious Phillips.

Precious Phillips speaks to the group during a session of Ghetto Therapy™️.
Precious Phillips speaks to the group during a session of Ghetto Therapy™️. Credit: Kenneth Cody / Instagram @youngest_cody

The evening began with a poetic showcase by Nailah “Vision” Mohammed, who read moving pieces that electrified the room with unity, grace and understanding. She is on Instagram as @azulvision

Poet Dana gave a thrilling presentation of her poem, “Healers Code.”  She is on IG @queen_dana216

Licensed therapist Billie Gilliam moved the audience with relatable life experiences. Graham discussed ways to let go of suffering and how trauma is passed down and affects generations of interactions in society. 

Many residents spoke of wanting to feel safe and building more trust with neighbors and the people who share their space.  

The night featured a delicious array of catered food options by ”That Brown Girl,” giving off nourishing vibes for overcoming common adversity.

“Ghetto Therapy™️ has become a safe space to share our experiences and build healthy relationships while growing into healthier beings,” said one of the ladies who attends these sessions of relief often. 

Walter Patton, founder and owner of Ghetto Therapy™️, built a partnership with Cleveland Clinic where he holds teen nights at 6 p.m. every second Wednesday at the Cleveland Clinic’s Langston Hughes facility, 2390 East 79th St. 

Find more information about upcoming sessions and guests by contacting Walter Patton via Instagram @Walterpatton_ or @freethinkersince87llc_team.

Ghetto Therapy™️ is also held at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays at the Environmental Health Watch headquarters, 4600 Euclid Ave. Find a member of the Central listening team there each week this month and at other community events.

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