Cleveland City Council Public Comment
Illustrations by John G. Credit: John G

A year ago, Cleveland City Council started allowing residents to make public comments during regular council meetings. It was the first time in 90 years. 

The change, championed by the resident-led Clevelanders for Public Comment, resulted in council members hearing 183 public comments. Well over two-thirds of the comments were made by city residents, with every ward represented. Comments ranged from a pastor’s plea to replace a guardrail in front of a church to a broad push to decriminalize fare evasion on public transit. Some folks even made a return trip to the microphone to thank council members and the mayor for responding to their concerns. 

Cleveland Documenters spent a year tracking each comment, using the Public Comment CLE site created by our civic tool partner Angelo Trivisonno. Documenter Lauren Hakim recorded where each commenter lived, if they represented a group or organization and the topic of the comment. 

Public comment by the numbers

  • 183 public comments made at Cleveland City Council meetings from October 4, 2021 through Sept. 26, 2022
  • 80.8% of public comments were made by folks who identified Cleveland residents 
  • 22 other (non-Cleveland) cities represented 
  • 55+ organizations, associations, groups, clubs, businesses or businesses owners represented
  • 90+ unique comment topics

Cleveland City Council Public Comment Resources

  • Watch and read the latest City Council public comments at Public Comment CLE, our online tool created by our civic tool partner Angelo Trivisonno.
  • Sign up to make a public comment at Cleveland City Council here.

Click the image below for a printable version of our look at year one of public comment at Cleveland City Council

The numbers on what we heard in a year of public comments at Cleveland City Council. It was the first time public comments were allowed at regular Council meetings in 90 years.
Credit: Lauren Hakim, Rachel Dissell, John G., Paul Rochford / Cleveland Documenters

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