Oct. 4 – Utilities Committee, Cleveland City Council
Covered by Documenter Kathryn Johnson

vocational training programs
Water Commissioner Alex Margevicius (left) and Director of Public Utilities Martin Keane discuss apprenticeship programs with the committee. Credit: Cleveland City Council YouTube

What happened: The committee advanced legislation for training Department of Public Utilities employees. The training includes vocational apprenticeship programs for high school graduates, according to Public Utilities Director Martin Keane. Council Members Mike Polensek, Ward 8, and Jenny Spencer, Ward 15, said apprenticeships are good opportunities for students to land good-paying jobs.

The Kirtland Crib: The department wants a state loan to renovate the Kirtland Crib. The crib draws drinking water from Lake Erie for Clevelanders. The committee advanced the legislation.

Left wondering: 
Documenter Kathryn Johnson asked, “Now that Cleveland will have a new Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO after this school year, will Mayor Justin Bibb and City Council push the district to pay more attention to the development of trade programs in schools?”

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