A screenshot of Cassey Fye presenting on dispatch training for 911 operators.
Cassey Fye presenting on dispatch training for 911 operators. Credit: ADAMHS Board of Cuyahoga County and NAMI of Greater Cleveland

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“911. What is your emergency?”

Carole Ballard from the Mental Health Response Advisory Committee said the committee will submit training needs for 911 dispatch in early 2024.

Cassey Fye of the National Alliance on Mental Illness played an audio recording where a dispatch operator described the experience of responding to calls.

After listening, committee members discussed how operators can be more transparent and affirming with callers. They weighed in on challenges facing operators, including staffing shortages and call volume.

When Loh, a community activist, asked if MHRAC could recommend hiring more dispatchers, Ballard said that it was outside of the committee’s scope.

Crisis intervention training continues

All but two CIT officers have completed suicide prevention training, according to Lt. John Mullin from the Cleveland Division of Police.

Two more CIT sessions are scheduled for October and December with 14 officers signed up for each course.

Future sessions will focus on working with youth, LGBTQ+ communities and people with personality disorders.

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