Welcome to our latest news quiz, a chance to test your knowledge of Greater Cleveland news, history, trivia and more.

This week, Signal Cleveland and Cleveland Documenters published a school choice project, which examined and explained how some Cleveland students pick the schools they want to attend. Signal reporters also covered discussions surrounding Cleveland police recruitment tactics, the city’s disagreement with a rental scooter company, and more. 

Take the quiz below to find out how much you know about this week in Cleveland news

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If CMSD students don’t enroll in school choice, they are automatically assigned to the nearest school to home.
The Cleveland Division of Police has the budget to employ 1,498 officers. How many police officers currently work for the department?
A rental scooter company has been storing old scooters in a warehouse near downtown Cleveland. How many discontinued scooters did the city of Cleveland estimate are in the warehouse?
Does Cleveland’s East or West Side have more suburbs?

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