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Signal Cleveland turned one on Nov. 15! One year ago, we launched our new site with a handful of community-focused stories and a belief that a new type of local news could thrive in Cleveland. 

Since then, we’ve grown into a vibrant newsroom that tens of thousands of Greater Clevelanders depend on to stay informed about their community. 

Best of all, you and your fellow readers have proven that our founding belief was right: Clevelanders deserve and are ready to support trustworthy local news that respects our community. 

And because we believe that everyone in our community should have access to this information, our journalism depends on you. 

In honor of our birthday, all donations will be tripled! NewsMatch, the Joyce Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation are participating in today’s match. That means a $15 monthly donation generates another $540 for Signal Cleveland and a one-time gift of $120 nets us an additional $360. 

Need additional inspiration to make a matched donation?

Here are locally inspired birthday gift amounts that will help keep Clevelanders informed for years to come:

Monthly donations are matched 12 times

🎉 $15 per month since our birthday is on Nov. 15

🏘️ $34 per month for the number of Cleveland neighborhoods 

📍 $59 per month for the number of cities and towns in Cuyahoga County

🤳 $72 per month for the approximate number of selfies taken in front of the Cleveland sign each day

🟦 $82 per month for the number of square miles in Cleveland

🏠 $100 per month for the number of times you will see “A Christmas Story” on a cable channel between now and Dec. 25

Three foundations want to match your one-time donation

🗳️ $28 for the number of posts on Signal Cleveland’s live Election Day blog

🗓️ $52 for the number of weeks we’ve been reporting on our website

👀 $120 for the 12,000 Clevelanders who stay informed by reading our newsletters

🏙️ $216 for our reporting in the 216

✍️ $486 for the number of trained residents in the Documenters program

🗞️ $953 for the number of stories published on Signal Cleveland to date