Woman speaks in city council chambers.
Tammy Trotter asks council members to rename Ostend Avenue in Glenville after Miss Hattie Holifield. Credit: Cleveland City Council YouTube

Public commenters supported displaced tenants from Winton Manor, asked that a street be named in honor of Hattie Holifield, the “grandmother of Glenville,” and urged council to seek federal money to clean up properties in Cleveland owned by the state.

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Honoring Miss Hattie

Credit: Cleveland City Council YouTube

Tammy Trotter, of Glenville, was one of two commenters who asked council to change the name of Ostend Avenue to Miss Hattie Holifield Avenue. Holifield, who will be 80 next month, raised generations of children who attended the daycare she operated for more than four decades. She often helped single mothers by caring for their children until they could afford to pay. She influenced generations of Glenville residents. Her grandson, Derrick Holifield, also asked for the street to be renamed and read a portion of a story he wrote for the The Land about the daycare.

Correction: The name of the street was updated to reflect the correct name, Ostend Avenue.

Miss Hattie is a well-renowned person in the whole neighborhood. She will shelter anyone. She will feed anyone. She will clothe people. If you ever have any, not just children, adults–she will feed anyone. She will help anyone. She’ll give you something to do. If you need some money, she’ll find some work for you.”

Tammy Trotter, Cleveland

Watch Trotter’s full comment.

Fed up tenants

Christopher Hudson, Ward 12, said tenants at Winton Manner have been displaced and had property damaged due to flooding and poor renovations by Evergreen Real Estate. In some cases, he said, residents were hospitalized with respiratory infections related to the renovations. Hudson said tenants are considering a rent strike until their concerns are addressed.

The community stands with these residents, in their struggle, and their demands. And we have already raised nearly $4,000 for the residents who lost everything in the flooding. And we will continue to support our neighbors. Yet, during all of this, the council has sat on its hands.”

Christopher Hudson, Ward 12

Watch Hudson’s full comment.

State-owned properties

Wanda Hill-Chestnut, of Ward 6, asked council to look at applying for funds to clean up “dilapidated” state-owned properties in the ward. She is pastor at Saint Luke’s Apostolic Church of Jesus on Kinsman Road. She said that Ohio should be responsible for upkeep on the properties it owns but it is not.

The last time I checked, in the city of Cleveland, the state of Ohio owns more than 927 properties. And that’s just my looking, so I’m sure the number is much higher. That is a concern, especially when the buildings are falling apart and no one is held responsible. So that’s why I’m standing in front of City Council, so that City Council can do something.”

Wanda Hill-Chestnut, Ward 6

Watch Chestnut’s full comment.

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