It’s budget season in Cleveland!

Every February, the mayor sends Cleveland City Council a detailed estimate of the administration’s budget recommendations. Council then holds day-long hearings to question city officials, and to discuss and debate how the public’s money is spent. 

Besides setting Cleveland budget priorities, these hearings are the public’s opportunity to learn about nearly every department, division, and program in the city.

We’ll be covering every minute of the hearings here at Signal Cleveland. And, while we do, we’ll be playing Budget BINGO! Play along with us! Watch the budget hearings and check off those budget squares as you hear or see them.

Did Mike Polensek tell a story from “back in the day.” Did Joe Jones give out his phone number? Did someone ask a question that’s really a comment? 

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Cleveland Budget Hearings BINGO card
Credit: Camille Renner | Signal Cleveland

Find last week’s BINGO card here or play below.

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