Aerial view of an Ohio City property discussed during the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting.
Aerial view of an Ohio City property discussed during the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting. Credit: Board of Zoning Appeals presentation

Covered by Documenter Jenna Thomas

What happened: The board approved an Ohio City property owner’s request for a rear yard smaller than allowed by the zoning code. In discussion, Nate Lull, the neighborhood planning manager from Ohio City Inc., asked the appellant to stop illegally using the property as an Airbnb. The property owner, Mike Clifford from M&M Property Group, said he met with Council Member Kerry McCormack a few weeks ago. Clifford said they are working on legislation to address short-term rental regulations. The city code on short-term rentals requires that property owners live on the property for more than 51 percent of the calendar year and only rent the space 91 days out of the year. The property’s short-term rental status was not up for review at this meeting.

Missed connections: Neighbors and representatives from community development corporations (CDCs) expressed concern about the lack of community engagement from property owners. Tremont West Economic and Real Estate Development Director Donna Grigonis said an appellant’s request for rear yard and driveway variances in order to build an addition to a property on W. 6th Street was the third that month to fall below community engagement expectations. The board ultimately approved the W. 6th Street property owner’s appeal.

Left wondering: Documenter Jenna Thomas asked, “Are community engagement expectations clearly accessible on community development corporation websites?”

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