An illustration by artist John G of the Cleveland Board of Control meeting in the Mayor's Red Room at Cleveland City Hall.
An illustration of Cleveland's Board of Control meeting in the Mayor's Red Room at Cleveland City Hall. Credit: John G / Shiner Comics

Covered by Documenters Barbara Phipps (notes) and Dan McLaughlin (live-tweet thread)

PACE programming

The board approved $2.1 million for the Planning and Career Exploration (PACE) Program in CMSD schools. The plan also calls for bringing PACE to non-CMSD schools in Cleveland. PACE prepares students for future careers via programs such as career counseling and internships or apprenticeships. Cleveland Chief Financial Officer Ahmed Abonamah said this will be the first time that the city is funding the program, and part of the money will come from American Rescue Plan Act dollars. 

Lorain Midway

The board ok’d about $600,000 for Phase 1 engineering services, including a preliminary study, for the Lorain Avenue Midway. Formerly known as the Lorain Cycle Track, the Lorain Midway will stretch from West 65th Street to West 20th Street and become part of a proposed bikeway system. The total cost of the project is estimated at $30.2 million. 

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