Nov. 10 – Lead Safe Advisory Board
Covered by Documenter Giorgiana Lascu

Primary conclusions of presentation given at the November 10, 2022 Lead Safe Advisory Board meeting. Credit: Screenshot by Documenter Georgie Lascu.

What happened: Lead Safe Advisory Board members discussed challenges to meeting the city’s goal of being “lead safe” by 2028. Lead Safe Auditor Rob Fischer said only about half of Cleveland’s rental homes are registered with the city. He said compliance with the lead safe certificate requirement is increasing but still low.

 Some takeaways:

  • As of Sept. 30 about 18,000 units have been issued a certificate. That means an inspector found no lead hazards.
  • Registered rental properties are far more likely to apply for certificates.
  • More units have been denied recently, and the city is processing applications more slowly. 

Other cities: Cleveland’s compliance with the new certificates is lagging. But Cleveland’s progress is in line with where Detroit and Rochester, N.Y., were in the second year of their programs.

And also: The board discussed whether to have public comment during its meetings. Some members suggested allowing comments in writing or in person.

Read Documenter Giorgiana Lascu’s Twitter thread from the meeting:

Want to see how many lead-safe certificates have been issued? Or how many children were lead poisoned in your neighborhood? Check out the Lead Safe Cleveland Data Dashboard. 

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