Cleveland’s Board of Control meets on Jan. 18.
Cleveland’s Board of Control meets on Jan. 18. Credit: YouTube

Covered by Documenter Karima McCree-Wilson 

What happened: A city land bank property near the Cleveland Clinic was sold to B. R. Knez Construction for $200. Director of Community Development Alyssa Hernandez said that property and others were priced below normal because the city is promoting new housing construction. 

Left wondering: Documenter Karima McCree-Wilson had three questions: How does the city decide the value of land bank properties? Who has the option to purchase this land? How does the city follow up to guarantee that the land is being used for the stated purpose of new housing?

What is the Cleveland Board of Control? What power does it have? Signal Cleveland’s Service Journalism Reporter Abbey Marshall answered those questions and more in this Board of Control explainer

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