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Whew – what a summer! We kicked off by hiring two managing editors, added a community and special projects editor in July, and then integrated the Cleveland Documenters community into the newsroom in August. Now, as summer comes to a close, I’m happy to report we’ve decided on a name for the new newsroom: Signal Cleveland. 

During weeks of community listening, we heard from Greater Clevelanders that they were looking for a name that was bold, community-centered and rooted in Northeast Ohio. 

Signal Cleveland is all of those. It is first a nod to Garrett Morgan, the noted Cleveland inventor and businessman, who came to Cleveland to make his name in 1895. Morgan made his fortune in Cleveland with a series of successful inventions, including the three-position traffic signal that later became the three light traffic signal we use today. Morgan also started The Call newspaper in 1916, which later merged to become The Call and Post, an influential newspaper in Cleveland, and eventually all of Ohio. So, it speaks to not just Cleveland history but to Ohio’s trailblazing journalistic history.

And, of course, a signal – similar to a lighthouse – can be a beacon, a trusted guide that lights the way. We aim to be just that, a trusted source of daily news and information for Greater Clevelanders. 

We’re excited about the work we’ve done so far. As always, call or text 216-220-9398 and let us know what you want to see from Signal Cleveland, a part of the Ohio Local News Initiative.

Update from the newsroom 

We’ve been interviewing for the 10 open positions in the newsroom and talking with Greater Clevelanders who are passionate about our city and who bring fresh energy and new ideas. There’s still time to submit an application to join the newsroom and be part of an ambitious vision that increases community-centered journalism right here in Cleveland. Our job postings will remain open until we meet our equity goals. To make up for structural inequities, we will recruit until we have a minimum of 50 percent of competitive candidates at every stage of the hiring process who are Black, Indigenous, or people of color. And we do everything we can to evaluate candidates on their ability to succeed in the roles we’re trying to fill, not on proxies (such as education) or attributes that are assumed to be associated with capability. 


With Cleveland Documenters now officially part of the newsroom, let the documenting continue! Check out, where you can find upcoming public meeting information and agendas from a variety of local agencies as well as the Cleveland Documenters latest gatherings and trainings. 

Editor-in-Chief (she/her)
Lila is the founding editor-in-chief of Signal Cleveland, the Ohio Local News Initiative's Cleveland newsroom. Lila, who has experience in community building and journalism, led the launch of Cleveland Documenters in 2020. Formerly associate director at Neighborhood Connections, a Cleveland-based organization that has done groundbreaking work building community networks, Lila has been a newspaper reporter, a student-journalism advisor and a freelance news producer. Born and raised on the southeast side of Cleveland, Lila is a first-generation college graduate with degrees from Columbia University.