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Some frustrated Signal Cleveland readers who have Medical Mutual health insurance recently complained about confusion over where they are supposed to go – the pharmacy or a doctor’s office and which ones – to get their COVID-19 vaccine. One reader with insurance said a pharmacy refused to administer the shot.

A spokesperson for Medical Mutual reiterated in a written statement that those who have that insurance can get the vaccine at no cost. But Medical Mutual customers must pay attention to the pharmacies, health clinics and doctor’s offices listed in their plan’s network and visit those for the shot. 

Since September, Medical Mutual has processed 10,000 claims for the COVID-19 vaccine without any issues or extra cost to individuals, the spokesperson said. 

People with questions about their coverage can call the Medical Mutual Customer Care number on their insurance ID card and a representative will clarify their policy, the spokesperson said. 

The federal government no longer pays for or distributes COVID-19 vaccines. Public and private insurance companies are now responsible for paying for the full cost of the COVID-19 shot under the Affordable Care Act. The Ohio Department of Health announced last month a few special state and federal programs for people who are uninsured to get the updated vaccine for free.

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