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In the United States, there are approximately 800 species of fish. Every species is unique. The fish are different in size, shape, length and weight. Some fish prefer to live in murky, warm, calm lake beds, while others thrive in clear, cold, fast-moving streams. 

Although there are some very interesting and unusual exceptions, most of the fish that anglers catch share many common traits. They live in water. They have a backbone. Most have scales. They have gills, fins and a tail. They have the ability to see underwater, smell, taste, hear and feel. 

Almost all fish are cold-blooded, which means their body temperature changes as the water temperature changes. A fish’s metabolism tends to speed up in warmer water and slow down in colder water. In fact, water temperature plays a very important part in how active fish are.

Fishing tip

On bright sunny days, fish often seek shaded areas. Large rocks, trees, brush piles, stumps, tall grass, docks, and other objects in the water are great places to fish. In addition, fish seek covered areas because they provide protection from predators. Cover also provides a place from which fish can launch attacks on unsuspecting prey. On cloudy days, anglers may find fish roaming in waters that are more open. These are areas worth targeting.

About Hooked

“Hooked” is a new comic strip based on characters taken from the book “Learn To Fish, A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginning Anglers.” It features a multicultural cast of teens who love to fish and decide to form a fishing club in Cleveland. See “Hooked” monthly right here on the Signal Cleveland website produced in partnership with Dennis James Knowles and Gail Ann Grizzell of Cleveland’s The Fishing Foundation.

Ohio does not require those under 16 to have a fishing license  Read more on Ohio fishing laws here.

Dennis and Gail are avid anglers, outdoor enthusiasts, and writers. In 2010, they founded The Fishing Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; its mission is to enrich people’s lives through the sport of fishing. Professionally, Gail worked as grants director for Ideastream Public Media and other philanthropic organizations. Dennis is an Emmy award winning television producer and filmmaker. Together, they authored the book, Learn to Fish: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginning Anglers, and are the creators of the comic strip “Hooked.”