Illustrated image of comic artist John G being carried down a set of stairs in his wheelchair
John G reflects on his changing response to inaccessible music venues. Credit: John G / Shiner Comics

Comic creator John G reflects on how his response to the lack of accessibility in clubs and music venues is different now than when he first started going to punk and underground shows and playing in bands. Back then friends, band mates and random metal heads carried him and his wheelchair up and down flights of steps.

With rare exceptions, John no longer goes to places — clubs, restaurants or shops — if he can’t get in and out on his own. The pandemic cemented for him that the lack of thought given to accessibility for people with disabilities was a “low key indicator” of the way people with disabilities would be considered expendable.

Tales to Demystify: Feelin’ Adamantium Tonight?

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John G is an illustrator and comic creator who’s been actively contributing to the Northeast Ohio arts and comics communities for more than two decades. His comics work includes the autobiographical comics Tales To Demystify and Love Again as well as The Lake Erie Monster in collaboration with Jake Kelly. Find his original Tales to Demystify comic at Shiner Comics.