Oct. 4 – Standing Committees, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Covered by Documenter Nina Awal

An RTA presentation defines “reportable” rail injuries. It notes that there have been zero so far in 2022.

What happened: Steven Peganoff, Director of Safety for RTA, updated a committee about public transit safety. In the last year, there were 20 “reportable” rail-safety events. There were zero deaths related to train collisions. There have been zero reportable injuries so far in 2022. Reportable means the incident required notifying the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Administration.

Motor overhaul: The most common rail incident is tied to overdue overhauls of train motors, Peganoff said. That often results in smoke, which causes operators to evacuate and the train to shut down. He said RTA has repaired 36 of 160 motors.

And also: An RTA committee is creating a pandemic response plan for a guide in future pandemics.

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