Oct. 10 – Health, Human Services and the Arts Committee, Cleveland City Council
Covered by Documenter Karima McCree-Wilson

What happened: Council Member Brian Mooney was a lead sponsor of the legislation that bans conversion therapy for minors. He told the committee the ideas that LGBTQ+ children need cured or that there is something wrong with them can contribute to depression, suicide and homelessness.

Hostile environment: “We’re in a hostile environment for the LGBTQ community [and] for any person with a marginalized identity” in Ohio and nationwide, said the Trevor Project’s Gwen Stembridge. She said the legislation sends a positive message.

Fees for food shops: The committee also advanced legislation that adjusts food-shop license fees. Ward 4 Council Member Deborah Gray asked why some establishments with bad conditions have licenses to sell food. City official Patrick Cusick said structural issues are not critical for selling food. Smooth, durable and cleanable surfaces are. City Council passed this legislation at its meeting later that night.

Wondering about your favorite restaurant? Check out the city’s portal of food-safety reports. You can also file a variety of complaints with the Department of Public Health.

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