Covered by Documenters Andrew Kenneson (notes) and Marvetta Rutherford (Tweets)

Change of plans

A Cudell home on West 99th Street was once in line for demolition. Now, the nonprofit Sisters Haven hopes it will offer refuge to pregnant people who are experiencing homelessness. The Cleveland Landmarks Commission approved plans for a renovation and expansion. The finished project will accommodate up to seven pregnant people at once. They can stay until a child is about one year old. City Planning Director Joyce Pan Huang celebrated the outcome for the home.

French Cultural Garden

On the eve of Bastille Day – the national day of France – the commission greenlit plans for the French Cultural Garden. Architect Jayme Schwartzberg presented the design for 1520 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. “We’re pulling some inspiration from French life and culture,” she said. Inspirations include the Tour de France, a bridge from painter Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies” series, and outdoor cafe-style seating.  

Left wondering 

Documenter Andrew Kenneson asked, “What incentive do property owners have to buy and renovate historic property if they need to come before the commission just to make changes like adding a porch or changing some window?”

Want to learn more about the proposals discussed at this and other Landmarks Commission meetings? Find full presentations for the year’s meetings on the commission’s webpage.

Check out more details from Documenter Marvetta Rutherford’s live-tweet thread:

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