A photo of Sarah Gammone Popivker making a public comment at Cleveland City Council.
Sarah Gammone Popivker makes a public comment at Cleveland City Council. Credit: Cleveland City Council YouTube

Covered by Documenters Tucker Handley (notes) and Christina Easter (live-tweets)

Back at the mic

Public comments on Mayor Justin Bibb’s Oct. 7 statement in support of Israel continued at the latest Cleveland City Council meeting.

Members of Greater Cleveland’s Palestinian community, which includes more than 25,000 people, criticized Bibb for his continued silence. Rasmia Alnadi of Medina said Bibb had not responded to the facts and stories Palestinian community members had shared in past meetings.

“We have presented fact upon fact, so you leave me with no choice but to appeal to your pathos, to your emotion, to your humanity, human to human,” she said.

Lucas Waggoner of Mentor said that Bibb has been silent despite the past three meetings filled with public comments criticizing his statement.

One commenter asked that City Council take a harsher stance against pro-Palestine organizations.

Sarah Gammone Popivker of Cleveland Heights said that pro-Palestine groups were using phrases at rallies that she felt were antisemitic. She asked City Council and the mayor to take action to “stop these groups from polluting our youth” and said that other places have taken similar measures.

Affordable housing for Clark-Fulton

Cleveland City Council approved legislation to provide a $1 million grant for the Northern Ohio Blanket Mills Project, a mixed-use development in Clark-Fulton in one of the largest vacant properties in the neighborhood. 

Council Member Jasmin Santana thanked her colleagues and said the project would create 60 affordable apartments.

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