An illustration by artist John G of the Cleveland Board of Control meeting in the Mayor's Red Room at Cleveland City Hall.
An illustration of Cleveland's Board of Control meeting in the Mayor's Red Room at Cleveland City Hall. Credit: John G / Shiner Comics

Covered by Documenters Sandra Bishop and Marvetta Rutherford

What happened: The Cleveland Board of Control approved a $6-per-day charge on car rentals from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. This new fee is in addition to what customers already pay to rent a car. Dennis Kramer, the interim director of Port Control, said the fee will help pay to build an on-site rental facility, a goal outlined in the airport’s master plan. The fee was approved by City Council, but the amount was left to the Board of Control to decide. Kramer told the board that peer cities like Pittsburgh and Columbus charge $5 to $9 per day in similar fees. 

A new vendor:
 The board approved Lucky Bonsai Limited to rent a stall in the West Side Market’s produce arcade. The rental agreement is from June 1 to Aug. 31. The market’s senior strategist, Jessica Trivisonno, explained that when a lease is less than a year, the board sets the rate. For Lucky Bonsai Limited, the board approved a rate of $795.85 a month. Trivisonno said this was consistent with the rates charged to other vendors with leases expiring on Aug. 31.

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