Signal Cleveland Health Reporter Candice Wilder goes on the record to explain what motivates her to write about the health issues facing Greater Cleveland residents. 

From lead poisoning, to infant mortality, mental health issues and health equity, there are a lot of health-related topics the average Cleveland resident faces day-to-day. And Wilder strives to highlight and elevate the voices of these residents through her public health reporting.

Watch Candice Wilder explain her approach to community journalism

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I’m trying to reach residents who don’t see themselves in local news coverage and try to listen to their stories to elevate their voices. My hope is that by elevating these voices, residents are empowered to share their own stories and ask questions to hold city leaders accountable.

Candice Wilder

A message from Candice

I’m Candice Wilder, the health reporter here at Signal. We’re a nonprofit community newsroom dedicated to giving Cleveland residents the information and civic resources they need to better understand their community. 

As a health reporter, I cover important issues facing Greater Clevelanders. Lead paint poisoning, mental and behavioral health, infant and maternal health, food and nutrition, and health equity are the primary issues that come to mind. 

I found my way to Signal by starting off as a Cleveland Documenter in 2020 while I was a freelance writer. Through the Documenters program, I learned more about city government and critical issues facing Cleveland. After learning what the average Cleveland resident goes through, I wanted to write about my community and about the voices that aren’t heard much in  local news.

Public health coverage matters because it affects everyone. And my reporting specifically covers a group of city residents who historically haven’t had much of a voice in local news. My hope is that, by elevating these voices, residents will feel empowered to share their own stories and to ask questions to hold city leaders accountable.

When people read and share my stories or donate to our nonprofit newsroom because of my reporting, I am inspired to keep chasing new stories that haven’t been covered in our city.

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