A screenshot of Walter Collins making a public comment about his experience as a veteran in Cleveland during the public comment portion of the Cleveland City Council meetng on Monday, May1, 2023.
Walter Collins talks about his experience as a veteran in Cleveland. Credit: Cleveland City Council YouTube

Covered by Documenters Chau TangStesia Swain and Regina Samuels

What happened: Residents Makanya Smith and Walter Collins asked Cleveland City Council to help fund a housing development for veterans in the Union-Miles neighborhood. Smith said the project could provide social services for common problems veterans face, including post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Later in the meeting, City Council introduced legislation for a grant agreement with Union-Miles Development to approve up to $750,000 to cover part of the cost to construct about 11 homes for veterans experiencing homelessness. The development would bear Walter Collins’ name. 

Market saga continues: Public commenters again came out to ask that council members approve $15 million of American Rescue Plan Act money for West Side Market repairs. Ramat Wiley from the Cleveland Public Market Corp. said the proposed $15 million can be a stepping stone towards the market’s rehabilitation. Council introduced legislation April 24 that would allow the city to spend  an unspecified amount toward repairs.

Watch the full public comments or read transcripts edited by Documenter Gennifer Harding-Gosnell on the Public Comment CLE website created by Ohio City resident Angelo Trivisonno.

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