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Board of Control approves sale for new development

The Cleveland Board of Control board approved the sale of 45 city land bank parcels to Henrietta Homes for $9,000. The development is a lease-to-purchase project for low- to moderate-income renters. The project is in the Hough neighborhood.  Forty affordable, single-family units are expected to be built. Director of Community Development Alyssa Hernandez said that affordable housing projects like this are important for ensuring that people are not priced out of their neighborhood.

Studying utility rates

The board approved contracts for ongoing water and sewer maintenance and a new financial plan for Cleveland Public Power (CPP). More than  $7.5 million in contracts were approved for water and sewer maintenance. This includes a $6.5 million contract with Mayes and Sons Plumbing Co. to replace lead and galvanized steel service lines. Another $375,000 was approved for a contract with Raftelis Financial Consultants, Inc. to create a five-year financial plan for CPP. This includes conducting a rate study and looking into rate structuring issues. 

What is the Cleveland Board of Control? What power does it have? Our Board of Control explainer answers those questions and more.

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