Spending taxpayer money and making sure city services get delivered is serious business. City budget hearings are long, full of details, some tense moments — and a few laughs. Here’s a few memorable exchanges.

Day 8

Joe Jones ‘working hard’ via text message

Day 7

High number of Hispanic community events shows we ‘like to party,’ Jasmin Santana says

Richard Starr: Have city positions been vacant since I was born?

Rebecca Maurer calling out jargon-y answers

Day 6

Owe Cleveland money? Time to ‘Get right with God’

Kevin Conwell shows the ‘funk’

Day 4

Blaine Griffin calls his own Budget Bingo square

It’s Kerry McCormack! He’s the problem

Brian Kazy’s FaceTime guest

Day 3

Not the present Larry Jones II asked for

Joe Jones tries stop (someone else) from filibustering

Mike Polensek isn’t into orange jumpsuits

Blaine Griffin goes over time

Day 2

Charles Slife’s ‘Spidey sense’

Joe Jones sounds off about the fire alarm

Who writes the rules? Council writes the rules

Kris Harsh the ‘criminal’

Day 1

The ‘United Nations of gangsters’

The budget: Cool? Not cool?

Jacking snacks

Participatory budgeting barbs

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