2nd wed April 12 – at Friendly Inn

Members of our Central Listening Team are attending community events to talk with folks about what’s important to them.

Meet them at the community meal at Friendly Inn, 2386 Unwin Rd., to talk about the neighborhood. 

  • What do you love about Central?
  • What information about the neighborhood do you wish you had?
  • What concerns you the most about Central right now? 

Can’t make it? You can always take our Central Survey to give us your thoughts.

More about the Central neighborhood project:

Signal Cleveland is a newsroom that fuses community building with local news reporting. We’re getting started on a new project: Community focus: Central.

We’ll be spending the next few months listening to Central residents about the issues that are important to you and the questions you want answers to. We’ll use what we learn to build a list of the potential stories and issues you want Signal Cleveland to write about in 2023.